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How to leave your screens (for a while)?

How to leave your screens (for a while)?


I can imagine you are like all of us, you spend too much time on screens. Whether professional or personal, we spend a large part of our days/evenings on them and it is not without consequences. Rather than focusing on the associated evils, I prefer to offer you pleasant solutions to feel good.

I feel good

Take time for your creativity

The idea is to take a break from screens so I'm not going to suggest that you watch YouTube tutorials for hours, I'm only going to cover activities that are easy to implement because:

- they allow you not to rack your brain on your free time

- they allow you to do something else at the same time while being relaxed, such as listening to podcasts, listening to music or chatting

DIY activities

Why do most of us stop creative activities after the age of 8-10? They allow you to escape, to focus on something other than your "to do list" and they strengthen self-confidence. Why deprive yourself of it?
Fukuri offers you canvas kits and embroidery kits to develop these moments of well-being wherever you want.

What ? Needlepoint ? The old thing that hangs on the wall?

So yes it can hang on the wall ;-) but why would it be an old thing? if we offer you cool illustrations, it will be too good. The complete needlepoint kits allow you to spend time doing yourself good and they are accessible to everyone from 10 years old, the needle does not sting, no need to tie a knot and you just have to follow the colors. It's okay you should manage it.
We made a quick video to explain you in 3 minute how we do it. Then you can turn off your screen.

A creative activity yes but to customize

At fukuri we also propose you embroidery DIY kit. Thanks to a water-soluble paper, you stick it on the embroidery support and you can thus personalize a basic t-shirt or one that you got tired of. You can also embroider to offer a personalized gift.

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