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Needlepoint stitches

Making needlepoint, we don't have to use only the stitches that grandma taught us. It's a good start but you can also have fun doing different stitches to make modern needlepoint-tapestries, give them texture or just have fun.

Learn the fancy stitches of needlepoint ⭐️


The 1/2 point: The base!

It's the easiest, the one that brings so much disconnection. It is accessible to everyone!

Fukuri canvas - fancy stitch - half stitch - 1/2 stitch


The Goblin Stitch

Also very easy, in combination with the 1/2 point it brings texture, it can be used for the background of the tapestry or to highlight an element of the pattern.

Fukuri canvas - fantasy stitch - Gobelin stitch


I work to continue this work and soon show you other stitches 🤩

Have fun with needlepoint !